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Our cost-effective and industry compliant Passive Fire Protection (PFP) solutions meet the fire safety needs of clients across our construction sectors. Our team operate within our Diamond Drilling business and provides two main core services of fire stopping and structural fire protection. 

We utilise the latest products and application techniques through our experienced and fully trained operatives, undertaking projects ranging in size from fire stopping service penetrations to structural fire stopping to steelwork elements and structures.

We fully understand PFP is a vital component of any fire strategy and our solutions ensure PFP is built into the structure of a building, to safeguard people’s lives and limit the financial impact of damage to buildings and contents. As accredited members of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP), we are also committed to sharing knowledge with our clients and can be relied on to recommend a product for any specific need.

We have also been accredit
ed an IFC as a business for installers to be able to demonstrate capability and traceability of their products and services is now more important than ever before, with increased public awareness, industry mindfulness and regulatory recommendations. 

As a part of our golden thread we as business have invested into a platform that captures the passive fire stopping in a digital format. 

The digital tool developed to streamline the installation, and document management process of passive fire protection system and products. The main difference between Euroside and other similar software is that the software development process is being managed by personnel from within the Fire Protection industry. We ensure that you the client can check anytime and anywhere, and audit at your own convenience.

We believe that having systems digital systems in place to ensure the data captured and secured safely.

We have also been accredited an IFC as a business for installers to be able to demonstrate capability and traceability of their products and services is now more important than ever before, with increased public awareness, industry mindfulness and regulatory recommendations. 
We have worked in partnership with Principal Contractors and Developers, successfully completing many collaborative projects. We are well respected within the Construction Industry and take challenges in our stride.


Euroside Construction Group provides a cost-effective and third-party accredited Fire Stopping service that strengthens and protects the integrity of compartmentalisation in existing or on-going Passive Fire Protection measures.


Penetration sealing systems are critical in maintaining the fire rating and preventing the spread of smoke between fire compartments in walls and floors where mechanical, electrical and general services are present. Firestopping is a complex process and materials will only perform effectively if they are installed in accordance with test certification and manufacturer’s instructions. This is often overlooked resulting in fires that should have been prevented or at least contained.

At Euroside, we specialise in the installation of a range of Fire Stopping materials and techniques to seal all types of service penetrations and voids in floors, walls and ceilings, slab edge, wall heads and more. Typically, we are able to seamlessly provide diamond drilling services followed by fire stopping services. All our Euroside operatives are CSCS or CPCS registered and trained installers.


To find out more about Firestopping services provided by Euroside Construction Group, contact us for a site survey and estimate.



EUROSIDE Construction provides cost-effective and third-party accredited Structural Fire Protection solutions that include Intumescent Coating Services for structural steelwork. 


Intumescent coatings to structural steel are also used in buildings as a passive fire protection measure. Our guidance and technical advice gives clients peace of mind that their projects are fully protected from structural fire damage. 


We are approved application contractors for industry leading intumescent coating manufacturers, offering fire protection on structural steel for times ranging from 30 to 120 minutes. We work closely with our client and intumescent coating manufacturers to analyse plans and drawings to produce a steel loading report for each job, ensuring that the correct amount of intumescent coating is applied to meet the fire protection requirements for each job. During application, we use state-of-the-art airless spray units, ensuring the highest quality of structural protection. 


To find out more about the Structural Fire Protection services provided by Euroside Construction Group, please contact us for a site survey and estimate.

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