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Our Construction services utilise our specialist teams of highly motivated individuals who have significant experience in construction with a proven track record of quality and cost effective projects. 
EUROSIDE specialises in Concrete placement, slip form, jump form, power float finish, brush finish, skip float, etc. All of our concrete is poured to the highest standard and within the tolerances required. We also offer a high tolerance finish which would be poured mechanically by our fleet of laser screeds which can achieve a 0.3 level finish.

We work closely with Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and Clients, because we believe that communication is the key element in the success of any construction project.

We have worked in partnership with Principal Contractors and Developers, successfully completing many collaborative projects. We are well respected within the Construction Industry and take challenges in our stride.
EUROSIDE Construction has extensive experience and specialist in Concrete Placement for RC frames, poured to the highest standard and within the tolerances required. This includes Jumpform construction,  traditional concrete cores and RC floor slabs.

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EUROSIDE Construction have an impressive fleet of laser screed machines to provide precision concrete placement, to a finished smooth grade of 0.3. Our investment in the latest technology - Somero® CopperHead®  XD™ 3.0 and MINI SCREED™ C machines ensures we are leading specialists in this expertise in London and the South East. Our machines allows us to work to exceptionally higher tolerances than traditional methods and works well with cement mixes of varying slumps.


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EUROSIDE Construction are specialists in Slip Form Construction as we have a vast wealth of experience on how to continuously monitor the quality and making good as the core advances. 


Slip form is the best technique and economical way to carry out a fast and rapid construction of a reinforce concrete core for new construction. On a number of projects, our Clients have utilised slip form construction to achieve programme benefits. The core is encapsulated within a shroud of formwork and continuous concrete pouring throughout the working day and night, if required, allows the core to progress independently of the surrounding structure.

Concrete Placement
EUROSIDE Construction have extensive experience in Concrete placement for groundworks and foundations. Our experience includes basement construction.
Our specialist demolition services also allow us to carry out enabling works for groundworks and foundations on the same projects. 
To complement our utility mapping  solutions, at Euroside we also offer a vacuum excavation service. This technology provides a low impact, non-destructive solution for visual inspection of the exact positions of buried services.
Vacuum excavation is a safe technique used to expose the position of underground services with either jet air or water to loosen the soils. After the soil and any other materials are loosened, they are extracted through a high-power suction hose into the spoil/debris tank, which is later used for backfilling or disposal.
In line with the PAS 128 specification QL-A (quality level), vacuum excavation provides the ultimate verification process for exposing utilities to determine their type, depth, size and position. We can also accurately survey the utilities at the time of excavation to update survey or record drawings.

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EUROSIDE Construction use only quality screeding products as part of levelling and smoothing out concrete surfaces to create a smooth and even finish. 

We are experienced in applying screeds to a wide range of applications, from flooring to walls and even ceilings. With many advantages over traditional floor screeding practices, our liquid screeds are proving increasingly popular in both the commercial and residential sectors.


We are a dedicated, reliable and professional team that will deliver the following screed services:

  • Flow screeds / liquid screeds

  • Traditional sand & cement screeds

  • Latex

  • Self-levelling screeds
  • Floor polishing

EUROSIDE Construction have developed specialist knowledge to identify, plan and implement the correct approach for carrying out concrete repairs to extend the life of our clients' structures. 


Concrete repair is the process of fixing a hardened concrete surface that over time, has lost the ability to hold the binding 
concrete materials together due to damage or environmental exposure.
The repair of concrete structures requires quality materials and importantly, experienced and skilled tradesmen to ensure that repairs are undertaken correctly.  Euroside is trained to use leading concrete repair products like Sika's Renderoc Ardex. 

Our comprehensive range of concrete repairs services include:  

  • Structural repairs 

  • Pressure grouting 

  • Crack Stitching repairs 

  • Epoxy injections 

  • Drilling & plugging 

  • Brush finish repairs 

  • Concrete polishing 

  • Soffit repairs

  • Making good to poorly finished concrete

Concrete Repairs
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